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Online Banking

Online Banking

Although life in rural America may seem slow to some, we know that's not the case in agriculture. You're busy raising crops, livestock and families, so it's not always easy to make a trip to town or remember to call during business hours.

Manage your Farm Credit Midsouth accounts more efficiently by enrolling in our convenient online banking system. Check your balances, including principal, interest and Funds Held as well as interest paid and earned. In addition, you can view your payment history and upcoming payment amounts and due dates.

How To Enroll

Enter Customer Number And Tax ID

  1. Enter your customer # (CIF)
  2. Enter the tax ID for the above CIF
  3. Press Continue

Enter The Verification & Enrollment Information

  1. Enter an existing account (term loan number
  2. Enter the current outstanding (principal) balance for the loan
  3. Enter your Username
  4. Enter your Password
  5. Re-enter Password
  6. Verify or enter your email address
  7. Check appropriate 
  8. Press Continue

Review and Accept Terms

  1. Use scroll bar at the right to review the complete agreement. You may print or save document at this point if you wish
  2. Check the E-Sign box.
  3. Press Continue

Enrollment Complete

  1. Click Done or click here to close browser.

You will receive an email to notify you when the enrollment process is complete. Theis process may take several minutes. Thank you for your patience! (May need to check junk or spam mail for this email, which will be from NO-REPLYOLBFCS.COM

Online Banking Access

Once you have received your email confirmation your enrollment process is complete. You can begin this process.

Challenge Questions and Shared Secret

The Challenge Questions and Shared Secret provide an extra measure of security and privacy for your data.

  1. Go to and click Online Banking Account Access then choose  Sign In.
  2. Enter Username and click Login.
  3. Enter Password (used at enrollment) and click Continue.
  4. Select and answer 3 Challenge Questions and enter a Shared Secret then choose Continue.
  5. Select and answer 3 Password Reset Questions and click Ok.

You are Done!

Future logins will only requre username, password. If you log in from another computer other than the one you enrolled in you will be prompted with one of the security questions.

Be sure to add NO-REPLYOLBFCS.COM to your e-mail from the Online Banking system will arrive in your Inbox.

Mobile Banking & FarmPay Apps

Farm Credit Midsouth's mobile banking app gives you the on-the-go access to your account information via smartphone or tablet. By using your online banking login and password, you can manage your accounts around the clock. 


Mobile Banking Requirements:

  1. Must be enrolled in online banking.
  2. Must use same login and password as online banking.


Our FarmPay app is a remote payment app that allows you to make a loan payment by check. Simply place the check on a non-reflective, well-lit surface; hold your device above it, using corner guides to align the image; and submit to your account. 


FarmPay Requirements:

Coming soon.

Cybersecurity and Online Safety Resources


Antiphishing Workgroup

Microsoft online phishing

National Consumer Fraud

Identify Theft Center

FDIC Consumer Protection


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